Friday, January 6, 2012

And it begins...

After a much needed break, I am back, and so is the blog.

True, I am done with the M.A. Comprehensive Exam and no need to ever, and I mean ever, again explore works such as Paradise Lost and The Faerie Queene. But what about the other thousand upon thousands of great works of literature out there in the world, including other classic monsters that were not included on my list but that I actually would like to read and explore? Well, the continuation of this blog is my very small attempt to get to them as well.

But no way am I sticking with just the classics and what would only qualify as "literature." Great books are published every week, but no one person can read everything and discover every great book ever written. But I'm going to try anyway. I will explore new fiction, young adult fiction, some historical fiction (not my cup of tea exactly but I am willing to try a few), nonfiction, classic fiction, etc. At the moment I am not entirely sure what the schedule will look like, but I am thinking every once in awhile I will focus on a book if the movie is about to come out (Hunger Games, I am looking in your direction), or maybe even books that are either nominated for something like the Pulitzer or have won either this year or in the past.

I will go ahead and put out the warning that there are many popular novels and series out there that I have not read and pretty much have zero intention to. I won't go ahead and list them here, but I am sure someone will comment on the omission of certain works and I'll have to break the bad news. However, that is where guest bloggers may come in and do their own reviews if they wish. I am, after all, only one person and can only read so much. There are certain books that I purposely avoid (not saying which ones, you'll have to figure that out through the blog), and others that I just cannot make time for.

That being said, I'll be ready with the first book post soon. And of course, I am starting with a monster, but it is my favorite monster. Oh yeah, and I am no longer calling them "monsters." It isn't an anti-Lady Gaga thing or anything, but I have decided to change my pet name for giant books (and the name of this blog) to "door stop." I think it is fitting, and for most of these books, incredibly true. And first up will be Victor Hugo's Les Miserables

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