Friday, October 14, 2011


I decided to make a timeline using a wonderful website that was revealed to me a few years ago when a fellow classmate used it in a presentation. has been a fantastic way for me to plot down every item on my list in a line so that I can see from a glance where they all fall in history in relation to each other. I read everything out of order, so I needed to be able to start from the beginning and know in what order these works came into being.

It has also been suggested to me by one of my committee chairs that flashcards - that's right, flashcards - may be helpful in keeping the timeline straight. Each time period gets its own color, and each card contains pertinent information that not only includes the title, author, and year, but also of course the genre, main themes, and maybe an important point in history if that would be helpful to you. I honestly thought I had kissed flashcards goodbye once I passed College Algebra, and yet, here I am.

You can access the timeline I created here. Of course, any timeline you create is going to include your own optional works, but feel free to use mine in whatever way would be useful to you.

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