Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bleak House Cast of Characters

I know I said that this week I would be going into a deeper explanation of the characters of Bleak House. Instead, I have decided to create an extremely complicated but also extremely helpful chart that contains most of the main Bleak House characters and how they relate to one another. Click on the image above to get a full cast of characters.

I am sure I missed a few connections here and there, and that some of my labels on certain relationships are less than adequate. Even so, this chart has helped me much more than the general list of characters found at the beginning of my edition. Hopefully, it will be just as helpful for you.

There will not be a blog post next week as I will be out of the country. I get the privilege to spend ten days in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on a mission trip. I will still be reading (maybe), but as I doubt I will have internet access, I decided to go ahead and cancel next week’s post and just pick up the following week. I will take a brief look at Speak, Memory, the autobiography of Vladimir Nabokov. Hopefully by the next week, I will have finished Pale Fire and will be able to take notes on it. So until the 30th, happy reading.

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